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Training in Integrative Counselling – A Christian Perspective in Ireland, Scotland and around the globe.

Develop your skills with training in counselling, couples counselling and counselling supervision.

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Our counselling training courses include:

  • Short foundation course – A Certificate in Integrative Counselling (formerly “Strength to Strength”)
  • Diploma in Integrative Counselling – a Christian perspective (externally validated by COSCA)
  • Diploma in Counsellor Supervision (externally validated via IACP)
  • Advanced Certificate in Couple Counselling (validated by Vital Connexions Training Consultancy)
  • Continuing Professional Development Courses
    “Soaring In Your Strengths” (4 modules @ 90 mins per module) 8 Hours CPD
    – “Working On Line With Clients” (6 hours CPD)

Our global vision

We have a heart to help churches and NGO’s in Asia, Malaysia, China, South Africa and Eastern Europe. We provide excellent training for Counsellors, Ministers, lay people and Supervisors to empower them to be the best they can be for those they work with.
As many of our CPD courses are now available on line we are able to offer these courses remotely.

New Online Course Coming Soon

The new Certificate in Integrative Counselling – A Christian Perspective available on line by January 2021.

This course is online and consists of 18 hours of teaching, it can be accessed at any time. It prepares those who wish to proceed to the Diploma In Integrative Counselling and train as a professional counsellor. It costs £150 which represents a 50% price reduction on this course due to the Covid 19 Restrictions. This course is an updated online version of the former Strength To Strength Course. (adapted for online delivery) It consists of 3 modules:

  • 1st Module: Communication: Blocks To Listening: Active Listening. Counselling Skills & Practice
  • 2nd Module: Spiritual/Psychological Boundaries: Valleys Of Life: Helping Clients Understand their Circumstances. Pivotal moments of insight and turning points.
  • 3rd Module: Movements of Grace: Healing The Broken Heart and Understanding Shape of The Captive Heart and helping the client move forward from stuck and difficult places.

Total Cost: £150
This course will be available to buy for £150 in January 2021

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Soaring in Your Strengths available now

Course price £100
Watch the video for our new online course “Soaring in your strengths”…

We will be looking at different aspects of strengths and you will discover the things you are are good at and be helped to feel more energised and more authentically you.


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