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An online course with Andrea Wigglesworth and Vicky McEvoy.

Many of us have been launched into this way of working during COVID19, when face-to-face therapy has neither been possible nor safe. Many clients are enjoying this new way of experiencing therapy and the way forward may be to offer a blend of face to face work with clients and also have on line practice with others who prefer it.

This online course offers a primer on working online a counsellor or psychotherapist at a time when face to face work may be difficult. Course completion will boost your knowledge and confidence, and will support counsellors and psychotherapists to offer technology-based counselling safely and effectively.

There are 5 videos that will be made available to you. After you pay the course fee of £55 you will receive an email with Log in Details.

You will also be asked to access your course notes and engage with wider reading and wider resources like Ted Talks.

  • Lecture 1: Andrea encourages you to reflect on the meaning of the feelings and associations that come into your mind when thinking about technology based counselling. See the reflections in your notes in “Technology And Me.”
  • Lecture 2: Vicky will explore the range of modern technologies and which types of therapy can potentially be used online.
  • Lecture 3: In this lecture Vicky will be looking at how effective online counselling is and also comment on what might be missing. You will be encouraged to explore the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy.
  • Lecture 4: Andrea helps you understand that online counselling is not a different activity than face to face work, but will offer you a different experience. The main difference about online work is our understanding of the research exploring The 6 Dimensions of Disinhibition Effect. We also offer some extra resources on the Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Lecture 5: As we draw our course to an end Andrea encourages you to move beyond the pros and cons on online counselling and invites you to reflect on the themes of the space between and the spiritual meaning of the online encounter called telepresence.
  • Extra Material: 2 Ted Talks we recommend you watch

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