Couple Counselling

We continue to offer a wide range of couples counselling courses and opportunities as different approaches are right for different couples.

These are just some of our popular programmes for couple counselling:

Every relationship journeys to the crossroads of transformation. Perhaps your relationship or marriage is in crisis or failing. Or you don’t know how to heal after an affair. Or maybe it’s stagnant, and you long to take your relationship to a new level for the sheer pleasure and inspiration of it.

In a private, full-day session, Andrea Wigglesworth will guide you to reinvent your partnership. Andrea believes every relationship is a living laboratory in which couples help one another on the path to relational maturity.

During your Re- Connecting Intensive you’ll discover:

  • The amazing connection that resides within your relationship
  • Practical tools for dissolving conflict
  • How to be your partner’s best friend and healer
  • New depth, sizzle, and passion in your connection

Whether your relationship is rock solid or shaky as a leaf, you can benefit from Andrea’s personal attention. Her compassionate wisdom has helped many couples transform their relationships.

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Andrea is experienced in helping couples heal after an affair She has guided and motivated couples successfully from pain and anguish to re-pair, re-conciliation and re-connection using the therapeutic tool of forgiveness.

She has also developed a one day intensive structured framework in which she walks you and your partner through the vulnerable territory of productive truth telling, teaches you how to apply the balm of compassion and forgiveness, and how to build mutual trust for a different future.

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A ritual for saying goodbye to your relationship with honour and respect.

A separation or divorce is a terrible time of crisis. The divorce process heightens feelings of fear, guilt, vulnerability, and hopelessness. Angry conflict increases as the relationship ends. Worst of all, the children–if any–get caught in the crossfire.

In a private, full-day session, Andrea Wigglesworth helps couples create a positive ending for their marriages. She can help you close the chapters of the anger, pain, and destructive cycle that is the story of your marriage. She’ll help you to begin a new, productive story for your separated lives. When children are involved, this becomes critical. Although the spousal relationship ends, your relationship as co-parents will last a lifetime. Children thrive, even after divorce, when they’re allowed to have a secure relationship with both parents.

In this private and intensive, one day programme, Andrea will show you how to cleanse the polluted relational space that exists between you and your partner. You’ll learn how to release old resentments and experiences. Saying Goodbye is a healing way to end your relationship.

Through this intensive day, couples can:

  • Discover how to be friends, even after divorce
  • Learn a new way to be connected
  • Proceed in their lives with added relational understanding and maturity
  • Increase and strengthen their parenting skills

Some couples suddenly see the possibility of a new way to be re-connected. You will discover how to say goodbye with honour and respect to your relationship and each other.

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The Imago model offers some amazing techniques that help couples to talk at a deeper level very quickly.

Vicky and Andrea have been working with Couples for 18 years and offer a safe and confidential space for couples to process their difficulties, learn some new skills in communication and re-connect for Life with a capital L! The Imago Therapy Model offers some amazing techniques that help couples to talk at a deeper level very quickly.

Both Vicky and Andrea are experienced Couple Counsellors and Relationship Coaches.

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Vital Connexions can offer Couple Re-connecting conferences for church groups who wish to organise a marriage weekend.

This special “time out” gives couples an opportunity to listen to inspiring teaching, a place to talk in new ways about difficult issues in safety and privacy, and time to re-discover their energy for the future.

The material has been inspired by our training in Imago Relationship Therapy, the work of John Gottman and the work of Sue Johnson

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