Available online NOW

This course online and consists of 18 hours of online teaching, and it can be accessed at any time. When you buy the course you will be signed up to the Vital Connexions Learning Site and can watch the videos at leisure. It is a wonderful course for any one who is involved in Pastoral care or interested in Counselling from a Christian Perspective and a pathway to a professional Counselling career. It costs £150 and those who wish to proceed to the next Diploma are being asked to also do the face to face training as well which involves skills practice, small and big group discussions and a live experience.

When you sign up for this course you will get a letter giving you the log in details to the Vital Connexions Learning site and you can work through the videos and exercises in your own time.

This course is an updated online version of the former Strength To Strength Course. (adapted for online delivery) It consists of 3 modules:

  • 1st Module: Communication: Blocks To Listening: Active Listening. Counselling Skills & Practice
  • 2nd Module: Spiritual/Psychological Boundaries: Valleys Of Life: Helping Clients Understand their Circumstances. Pivotal moments of insight and turning points.
  • 3rd Module: Movements of Grace: Healing The Broken Heart and Understanding Shape of The Captive Heart and helping the client move forward from stuck and difficult places.

This course is available to buy now.