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Choose counselling training courses to support you in a wide range of professional and volunteer roles.

This course for anyone who wishes to begin training as a professional Counsellor or for those who are interested in healing and transformation and wish to help others in a pastoral or church setting.

It is a 6 day course and consists of 4 days of live face to face training plus another 2 days of Online teaching. The integration between Counselling theory and Positive Psychology is designed to assist you with your personal and professional development in the field of Counselling.

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This course is fully validated by the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

The Core Theoretical Model is Integrative using the Cyclical Model (Page and Wosket), Process Model (Hawkins and Shohet), and offers a wide range of lectures and participation to prepare you to become a Supervisor.

This course is also useful for Cross Professional Supervision training.

Blended courses available in Dublin and Belfast 2024-2025

Admission to the course is by application form, recommendation from your current Supervisor and an interview with 2 core staff members. Please download the application form and send to Vital Connexions with a resume of your professional experience and a letter stating why you wish to undertake the course.

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This  course is offered primarily for Counsellors, Pastors and Relationship Coaches who wish to develop their expertise in working  with couples. It is available on line in your own time.

The course is also useful for Couples who wish to refresh and revitalise their relationship (in the privacy of their own home).

CPD certificates available for Counsellors 10 hours per module.

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This is a Professional Counsellor Training Course that prepares students to become accredited Counsellors. The Course is accredited by COSCA and is 2 years part time starting again in September 2025 until August 2027 and will be held in Edinburgh and Belfast. Please contract: Laura Wylie for Belfast Information and for Edinburgh Information.

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This course is an online in your own time Course. It can be  a stand alone course for Continuing Professional Development for Counsellors and Coaches.

It is also part of the requirements for those wishing to apply for the Diploma in Integrative Counselling (Day 5 and 6 of the Certificate in Integrative Counselling – a Christian Perspective).

It is also designed for those who want to enhance their skills as a strength focused practitioner. The theoretical base of the course draws on second wave Positive Psychology, strength based interventions and what the Bible says about renewing our strengths.

Course now available. Cost of the course is £100 for all 4 Modules. Once you register and pay you will be sent a code with instructions on how to enter Vital Connexions Learning Platform within 48 hours and you can then watch each module in your own home whenever you have availability.

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In each module we will be looking at different aspects of strengths and you will discover the things you are are good at and be helped to feel more energised and more authentically you. These are key skills as you help and empower others.

The movement from weakness to strengths will be explored and we will be introducing you to positive psychology and also what the Bible says about the renewal of our strength.

Will include teaching you about emotional and relational strength. The key to well being is often how people perceive themselves. We will explore how to release your inner potential.

We will explore an introduction to Neuroscience and will examine the root of negative emotions and the movement of the soul that takes us from flourishing to floundering. “rise up with wings…” “eyes forward…..” “a new push….” “team matters….” “ride the waves…” “be a lighthouse….”

This is the “how to” module and is an introduction to the sailboat metaphor. This module will give you practical insights and you will learn how to become a strength based practitioner. You will use this metaphor to address the essential elements of well being.

This is a short online course for those who are working as Counsellors and Supervisors and are required or wish to do a CPD course on Working on Line.

This online course offers an introduction to on working online as a counsellor or psychotherapist at a time when face to face work may be  preferred.  Course completion will boost your knowledge and confidence, and will support counsellors and psychotherapists to offer technology-based counselling safely and effectively.

There are 5 videos that will be made available to you. After you pay the course fee of £55 you will receive an email with Log in Details.

You will also be asked to access your course notes and engage with wider reading and wider resources like Ted Talks.

  • Lecture 1: Andrea encourages you to reflect on the meaning of the feelings and associations that come into your mind when thinking about technology based counselling. See the reflections in your notes in “Technology And Me.”
  • Lecture 2: Vicky will explore the range of modern technologies and which types of therapy can potentially be used online.
  • Lecture 3: In this lecture Vicky will be looking at how effective online counselling is and also comment on what might be missing. You will be encouraged to explore the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy.
  • Lecture 4: Andrea helps you understand that online counselling is not a different activity than face to face work, but will offer you a different experience. The main difference about online work is our understanding of the research exploring The 6 Dimensions of Disinhibition Effect. We also offer some extra resources on the Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Lecture 5: As we draw our course to an end Andrea encourages you to move beyond the pros and cons on online counselling and invites you to reflect on the themes of the space between and the spiritual meaning of the online encounter called telepresence.
  • Extra Material: 2 Ted Talks we recommend you watch